Proud moments to kick off the new season

Written by Nadia Sadie & Corrien Basson; Copy editing by Anna-Bet Stemmet

One of the most satisfying things in life is watching hard work pay off. This is especially true when recognition is received where it is due. We recently experienced a rewarding moment of this kind when Benjamin Booysen and Randall Julies received awards during the Western Cape Prestige Agri Awards (Swartland division).

Benjamin was awarded third place in the ‘Foreman’ category and Randall was crowned as the ‘Participant with the Most Potential’. Randall’s entry has gone through to a second round of judging and we are eagerly anticipating the results! We are extremely proud of these two exceptional people; both these gentlemen are truly hardworking individuals and a pleasure to have as members of our team.

This season, we are also taking pride in the interplanting of some young vines in established blocks on the Paardebosch farm. This was a long-term dream of ours and we could not be more pleased with the new life emerging from these small vines.

The really special thing is that these plants are living alongside their ‘predecessors’ that are still very much alive. This cultivation process is called a ‘Massale selection’; it involves taking cuttings from a exceptional old vineyard and rearing it in the same space as the mother vines.

As we all slowly but surely become more comfortable with a slight increase in the number of chairs around our dinner tables, it might also be a good idea to increase the size of the bottles of wine that we serve, don’t you think?

This season we have released a small number of magnum bottles of our four main wines (Chenin blanc, Aristargos, Grenache noir and Elpidios) and you are welcome to contact us on if you are interested in these larger formats. TOP TIP: Magnum bottles of wine actually tend to age even better than their 750ml counterparts…

Here’s to celebrating bigger tables, more normality and all the proud moments we’ve encountered along the way!

Speaking of extending our tables, we’d also like to invite you all to participate in a mass Swartland tasting in Riebeek Kasteel on 6 November 2021. TICKET SALES HERE – click click

Follow the link above for more information on the event, and how you can purchase a ticket.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank each and every person who supported Swartland wineries throughout these last long months, despite having almost no opportunity to taste our wines. 

Proudly Swartland!

David & Nadia

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