Swartland Olive Producers


The Mediterranean climate of the southwestern Cape of South Africa, into which the Swartland falls, makes it ideal for growing olives. These hardy and attractive little evergreen trees thrive in the long, hot summers of the region, and their fruit is harvested in autumn and winter.

Like wine, there’s a certain mystique attached to olives. They can’t be eaten straight from the tree, and must undergo processing before they are palatable. This done, the ways in which olives can be prepared, from pickling to pastes, are endless, and the cornucopia of delicious olive products available in the Swartland is testimony to the creativity and talent of its olive producers.

Our Swartland premium extra virgin olive oils are amongst the best in the world. They come in a range of single varietals and olive oil blends, in delicate, medium and intense styles, reflecting each season's bounty and the individual estate's terroir.

And it’s not only the taste-buds that are set tingling: Swartland olives are also made into a variety of beauty products, from massage and bath oils to lip balms, body scrubs, shampoos and lotions.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Swartland - Extra Virgin Edition

Watch the video below to join local Chef Rory Lambson on a hike along the back roads of the Swartland to meet the olive producers of the region and learn more about the different styles of Extra Virgin Olive oil and how to use it to enhance the flavours of food.

Rory visited the Olive Boutique, Kloovenburg Wine & Olive Estate, Het Vlock Casteel (all based in Riebeek Kasteel), Org de Rac (near Piketberg), Fynbos Estate and Lammershoek (both in the Paardeberg) on his hike through the Swartland.

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