Swerwer Wines



Swerwer produced by JC Wickens

Jasper Wickens is regarded as one of South Africa's most celebrated young winemakers whose wines speak true terroir in each glass. He captures the fruit of the vineyards and the place in each bottle.

"This is my number one goal; to achieve that, I think as a winemaker, one must always have more of a minimalistic approach and let the grapes meet the glass.

I never do the same thing repeatedly; otherwise, you never get to learn about the grapes and the vineyards and how they behave in the cellar. I'd instead explore new ideas than rely on recipes. I do (or don't do) what I feel is best for the specific wine. I'd like to believe I work more instinctively and with feeling.

I started the Swerwer range in 2012. There was a red blend and a Chenin Blanc, both around 600 bottles. Today I make five different Swerwer wines, adding up to about 20 000 bottles."

Wine Tastings and Sales

By appointment only.

NB: Bookings for cellar tours and visits to
facilities that are open by appointment only
should be made 48 hours in advance.


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