The most accurate travel information about the Swartland

6 June 2024 | 0

Written by: Clifford Roberts; Photography: Johan Viljoen The best travel information about the Swartland is available from the locals themselves. It’s with details from them, that you’ll be able to curate your trip, whatever you’re after, whether outdoor adventure, chats with winemakers, family-friendly excursions and more. This blog provides contact details for the best place […]

Expert recipe for preserving olives

21 May 2024 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photographer Johan Viljoen Here’s a recipe that’s a step-by-step guide on how to preserve olives – one that comes from a specialist in the premier olive growing region of the Swartland. Keeping olives like shop-bought varieties is easy. The basic steps are to harvest the olives by hand, select the best […]

Nature knows best at Nativo

8 May 2024 | 0

How time, terroir and tenacity play a role in producing organic wines in the Swartland. Helmed by father and daughter duo Billy and Kiki Hughes, Nativo forms part of Hughes Family Wines – an ex-wheatfield turned winery where absolutely every step of the winemaking process is done by hand. A marine engineer, Billy invented a […]

Tim Hillock Wines – A Balanced Beginning

23 April 2024 | 0

Producing simple, pared back and elegant wine is what winemaker Tim Hillock is passionate about. From his family’s cellar at the foot of the Kasteelberg, Tim has been making his Syrah and Chenin varietals since 2021. Studying first at the University of Cape Town and then at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute at Stellenbosch University, Tim […]

The Swartland Wine & Olive Route Presents:  Skink Swartland – A Weekend by the Sea

27 March 2024 | 0

The Swartland, renowned for its exceptional wines and quirky winemakers, is set to embark on a coastal adventure.   Winemakers from the Swartland region are gearing up to showcase their finest wines in Velddrif, along the banks of the Berg River on the West Coast Scheduled for the weekend of 12-13 April 2024, this event promises […]

Is it worth being in a wine club?

12 March 2024 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photography Johan Viljoen Shopping for wine online rocketed after Covid lockdowns and so did wine clubs, although many winelovers still wonder: is it worth being in a wine club? We thought we’d unpack the answer, which is a big YES. At their most basic level, wine clubs unlock benefits that ordinary […]

Sea, Smoke & Chenin Blanc – Pairing Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards’ Méthode Ancestrale with Smoked Angelfish

9 February 2024 | 0

Author & Photographer: Georgia East The oldest and most natural way of producing sparkling wine, Méthode Ancestrale produces a softer, finer bubble designed for elegant sipping. This style of sparkling wine originated in 16th century France, where monks would produce wine for religious ceremonies. Here in South Africa’s Swartland region, Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards are preserving […]

Duncan Stuart, winemaker at Kloovenburg Vineyards, in the Lledoner Pelut vineyard

Could this Swartland-pioneered grape be SA’s great wine hope?

29 January 2024 | 1

Written by: Clifford Roberts; Photography: Johan Viljoen Quite suddenly, viticulturist Rosa Kruger wails and the telephone dies. I’ve called about a new clone at Kloovenburg that she had a central hand in bringing to South Africa. Seconds later, she rings back. “I’m sorry,” she says. She’s looking after someone’s dog, which got in amongst some […]

What is the traditional method of making wine?

13 December 2023 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photography Johan Viljoen Fermented drinks have been around for ages, so you may wonder what the traditional method of making wine is. What does this have to do with the festive season and the Swartland? As it turns out, more than you’d expect. Natural fermentation and effervescence in wines – characteristics […]

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