Hofstraat Kelder: Cheers to new ventures and the future

Hofstraat cellar is a garagiste celllar owned by Wim Smit, the resident winemaker. He is a well known commercial builder in Malmesbury and the surrounding Swartland. He took his aesthetic perfection of building practices and directly applied it to his hobby, winemaking. Renosterbos wines has since being officially registered in 2002, won several prestigious award and accolades; making it a staple in the winemaking community and the Swartland Wine and Olive Route.

The home of Renosterbos wines, Myrtledene, has since expanded to include a function venue and it’s with great excitement that we would like to welcome the newest member to the family, the restaurant Café Myrtledene.

Photo left: Wim Smit, owner and winemaker and his younger brother, Lawrence Smit, owner and chef of Café Myrtledene.

Lawrence Smit, Wim’s youngest brother, will lead this establishment as chef and owner. He has expanded his culinary prowess in recent years, working at several prestigious institutions across South Africa. The chef and staff are elated to tantelise your taste buds with an array of delicious and heart-warming dishes.

We pride ourselves in giving our patrons something new and exciting, with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. A big crowd-pleaser being the Korean Beef pizza with pulled beef, Danish feta, avo and rocket, and drizzled with a sweet sticky yet spicy Korean BBQ sauce. If you like the finer things in life, our succulent duck breast, paired with potato puree and plum sauce, will certainly tickle your fancy.

We feel that food together with friends and family goes hand in hand and that’s why we love our Sunday set menu, and as Lawrence puts it, “We bring you home-cooked food and give it to you in a different way in a pretty setting.”

So come and enjoy the food, delicious wine and relax in the beautiful, brand new Café Myrtledene, now with an added boules court for your enjoyment.

The restaurant will be open from Wed to Sat from 12:30 – 22:00 and Sun for lunch from 12:00 – 15:00.

Contact us on 060 329 1668.

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