Brands, basket presses & bold new benchmarks – a beautiful beginning for the Swartland Wine & Olive Route

There are exciting things afoot in the Swartland. If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground and your eye on recent wine awards, you’d probably have noticed that the Swartland has slowly but surely been gaining a rather substantial foothold in local and international markets, and we’re happy to say that things are only going to gain momentum from here on out. 

What new out there in the Swartland? 

Geographically our area is huge, but there are only small pockets of vineyards and olive groves here and there. This has given rise to an immensely varied group of artisanal producers with infectious maverick energy – from the vignerons to the winemakers and olive growers, everyone shares an innately innovative spirit that sets the Swartland apart from other regions. 

The producers who make up the Swartland Wine- and Olive Route would like to invite you to discover back-roads that echo through the climate and geography as much in its produce as the tenacity of its communities. Come and be immersed in our neighbourhoods that may be down-to-earth, but are renowned for its uncompromising expression through wine and food, art, language and way of life. 

This is the soul of the Swartland: a sincere, independent people in a unique country. Be enchanted by a place that’s home to some of the country’s oldest vines; where off-the-beaten-tracks reveal prized wine and olive farms; where it’s not uncommon to be welcomed at first greeting by farm owners themselves, who work the land too. 

In the Swartland, simplicity and honesty are hallmarks, along with enticement to explore. And there are many experiences to be had, whether you seek sophisticated fine dining or a remote, no-frills hiking trail; to race a bike along a farm track or explore a quiet art gallery; to swim in a farm dam or strike out to meet the winemakers behind cutting-edge brands.

By all working together to live and promote the values that are inherent to the Swartland way of life – authenticity, dauntlessness, vivacity, and the singular joy of creation – we are setting the stage for a new, exciting era that is all about inviting people into the fold. We’re working to make the singular Swartland vibe tangible, so everyone can tap into it and leave reinvigorated and inspired.

Naturally, a brand-new beginning calls for a spiffy new logo, which is why we are proud to unveil the refreshed Swartland Wine- & Olive Route branding, which features a classic basket press illustrated in an unpretentious style with clean, strong lines. 

A basket press in action!

What on earth is a basket press?  What does it represent for the Swartland Wine- & Olive Route? 

A basket press is an old-school piece of hand-operated machinery that is used to extract juice from grapes and oil from olives. The shape of the new Swartland Wine- & Olive Route logo is inspired by the notion of a stamp of authenticity. The basket press within it speaks to the hard work and passion that each of our producers pour into their craft. 

A basket press is something that requires a hands-on approach. It’s a labour of love that gets your hands dirty. It’s a humble approach to an artistic endeavour, and the result you get will always be a little different; when you work by hand you put your personal stamp on your product.

This, in a nutshell, is the Swartland – it’s a place where we make and live and celebrate with authenticity and joyous abandon. 

Swartland Wine- & Olive Route producers are reaching out to provide incredible experiences to everyone who wants in on the fun! Keep an eye on our blog and follow our social pages to be the first to know about tastings, events, special occasions and more. We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

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