Swartland Bubbly to toast in the New Year

The Summer holidays are in full swing and as we approach New Year Eve it is time to start considering your selection of bubbly to serve for a party to toast in the New Year. In the Swartland, we boast with a vast selection – from Sparkling Wine to Méthode Ancestrale (Petillant-Naturel) to Methode Cap Classique – each with their own unique story …

We’ve collated a list of bubbles and their tasting note links for you to stock up on as we approach December 31st. We’re extremely excited to hear from all of you. Remember to tag us on Instagram and Facebook and use the #SwartlandSecrets Hashtag, so we can all share in the love and festivities.


Swartland Winery, situated just outside Malmesbury, produces a refreshing sparkling wine with tropical flavors and underlying notes of almonds. It is a full wine with fresh and crisp acidity that is not too dry.

Read the TASTING NOTES here. Available directly from the cellar. See the festive opening times here.


A refreshing sparkling wine with sweet floral notes and upfront red berry and fruit flavors, complemented by a full, lingering aftertaste.

Read the TASTING NOTES here. Available directly from the cellar. See the festive opening times here.


Together with the age-old tradition of Dry Land viticulture, the new Chenin Blanc MCC is an elegant, aromatic and richly textured wine, with characteristics typical to Chenin Blanc grown under these conditions. Biscuity notes and hints of tropical fruit are only some of the flavors that charm the nose. On the palate, it is well-balanced with a crisp and dry finish. It is best served ice cold and will develop in complexity over the next 3 to 5 years.

Read the TASTING NOTES here. Available directly from the Riebeek Valley Wine Co. Shop on the Square. See the festive opening times here.


This sparkling Brut is made in a charmat style from a traditional Champagne blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir that offers smooth, luxurious drinking.

Read the TASTING NOTES here. Available directly from the Riebeek Valley Wine Co. Shop on the Square. See the festive opening times here.


Org De Rac Organic Wine Estate produces a MCC with a deep golden rich honey color. This wine truly has vivacious long-lasting bubbles. Aged on the lees, it offers a voluptuous, complex nose with aromas of sun-ripe apricot and peach, freshly baked bread and roasted almonds. Crisp layers of citrus with a velvety creamy texture and lingering fruitiness on the aftertaste.

Available directly from the cellar outside Piketberg. See the festive opening times here.


I Am The Ninja Petillant Naturel is a much sought after Pet Nat from Swartland’s Testalonga, made with grapes from old Chenin vines. It is like lemonade for grown-ups! Also, try the I wish I was a Ninja and READ THE TASTING NOTES HERE.

Both wines are available at the Wine Kollective in Riebeek Kasteel. See the festive opening times here.


Wildehurst Wines produces a whole bunched pressed Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay MCC from the Swartland that underwent a cool, slow first fermentation in stainless steel.



“Whole bunch pressed 100% Cinsaut that was immediately taken of the skins and underwent a cool, slow wild fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Kept on the lees for twelve months before disgorging.  Zero dosage was added during the final stage of bottling.

A unique expression of Cinsaut with a fine mouse and a firm acidity. Delicate pink lady apples and a Muscat bouquet carry through to the pallet.” – READ THE FULL TASTING NOTES HERE


“Manual harvesting of early ripening Chardonnay grapes took place prior to the whole-bunch pressing method. After controlled fermentation at 14°C, the finished base-wine were left on the fermentation lees for 6 months to enhance complexity and structure. During this time, the wine was stirred regularly. A yeast rehydration protocol was followed prior to fermentation in bottle where the wine spends a further 9 months on the lees before disgorging took place.”

Read the TASTING NOTES HERE. Available at Pick ‘n Pay Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West and selected stores countrywide.


Dragonride Wines situated on the Fynbos Estate has three wonderful selections of bublly to try this year. Our favourite between the above three was the SUPERNOVA 2015 (Methode Ancestrale) Reserved.

A Supernova is a titanic explosion that occurs during the last stage of the life of a massive star. This bubbly is made in the ancestral French way, which unlike MCC, adds nothing to the fermentation in the bottle, using only its own sugars and wild yeasts. It has a delicate pink hue due to the inclusion of Pinotage, which also brings a great deal of red fruit to the wine. The nose and palate showing lots of delicious strawberry and raspberry flavours. This is balanced by the crisp apple acidity of the Chenin Blanc and is rounded off by a delicate but long lasting mousse.” – Johan Simons (Winemaker)

Alcohol 12.5%

Chenin 50% / Pinotage 50%

Whole bunch press, Method Ancestral, First Ferment bottled, hint of Pink from pinotage on the edge, otherwise fairly golden in colour

Red fruit and apple on the nose, very fine mousse

Alcohol 10.5%; ph 3; no sulphur

Also try the ORION’S BELT 2018 (100% Chardonnay, Method Ancestral, apple and Biscuit dominant on the nose, very racy mouthfeel) and ORION’S BELT 2017 (100% Chardonnay, Method Cap Classique, Barrel fermented, Barrel-aged 1 year, 9 months on the leese, yeasty, biscuity.  Very light mouth feel.)


Kloovenburg Estate‘s Shiraz grapes are picked earlier at lower sugar levels to maintain natural high acidity and a lower alcohol volume. After fermentation, the wine is given a low dose of sulfur and left on the lees for four months. The wine is then sweetened and the sparkle created by adding CO₂ before bottling. It has ripe aromas of strawberry and cherry. The palate shows cranberry, candy floss with a well-balanced acidity. 

Read the TASTING NOTES HERE. Available directly at the cellar. See the festive trading hours here.


“Our MCC is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, harvested from our award-winning vineyards. The clean, lime fresh flavours supported by 14 months on the lees is a favorite with fun-loving West Coast ladies. No unwelcome “sweet surprises” in this bottle as it is truly Brut.” – Johan Mostert (Winemaker)

There you have it! We wish you a wonderful 2020, filled with everything your heart desires!

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