The best South African sparkling wine for the season*

21 December 2022 | 1

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photography Johan Viljoen * In our opinion When it comes to the end of a year, you don’t want to settle for anything; you want the best South African sparkling wine you can lay your hands on. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled across this blog and the Swartland’s bubbly offering. So, what’s the […]

Five reasons the Swartland is South Africa’s most fun wine region

10 November 2022 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photographer: Johan Viljoen Swartland is all about the feels and is arguably the most fun wine region in the Cape. Yes, it’s a serious wine country too, but the expressions produced and the renowned spirit of its wineries clearly make it first on the list of places to visit for a […]

Get a taste of the Swartland at these exciting events

31 October 2022 | 0

Written by: Clifford Roberts; Photography: Johan Viljoen The Swartland has some exciting events in November and December this year. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most prominent occasions sure to be worthy attractions for young and old. They include art and MTB events, picnics at the movies and more. To help plan your […]

How the Swartland champions sustainable wine

10 October 2022 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; Photograph Johan Viljoen “Sustainability sits at the core of everything we do.” So begins the preamble to the theme of this year’s Cape Wine show, a major industry event held every four years. As participants, Swartland producers rank among those in which this philosophy is most ingrained. A region of unique […]

A treasure trove of old vine heritage

7 September 2022 | 0

South Africa celebrates National Heritage Day on September 24. As the region with the second-highest area after Stellenbosch of old vines, the Swartland certainly falls within the spotlight of the occasion. “Old vines make wine with a unique character,” declares the Old Vine Project (OVP), the organisation championing the protection of vineyards beyond 35 years […]

A SWERWER SETTLED IN THE SWARTLAND – The Story of Swerwer Wines by JC Wickens

14 August 2022 | 0

“The first wine I ever made was a wine that we made in our ‘koshuis’ at Simonsberg,” Jasper Wickens laughs and pours a glass of Swerwer Red blend in his cellar in the heart of the Paardeberg. “We decided to get some grapes from my friend Bryan MacRobert’s family farm in Malmesbury. Surprisingly, it just […]

6 Swartland olive farms you must visit

26 July 2022 | 2

Written by: Clifford Roberts; Photography: Johan Viljoen The Swartland region is famous for its wine and olives too. In fact, there are six Swartland olive farms you must visit all because they’re actually helping to save the world. That’s right. According to the United Nation’s International Olive Council, olive trees “have a positive carbon balance”, […]

Swartland: The best weekend getaway

5 July 2022 | 0

Written by: Clifford Roberts; Photography: Johan Viljoen Map The Swartland Wine and Olive Route is often cited as the Cape’s best weekend getaway. The combination of rolling hills, vineyards and wheatfields, wilderness, quirky personalities, and genuine country hospitality – all minutes from Cape Town – are among its greatest attractions. The route’s website and office […]

Taste the Swartland in its Chenin blanc wines

10 June 2022 | 0

Written by Clifford Roberts; photography Johan Viljoen Chenin blanc does so well in South Africa that it has in many respects become the country’s global calling card for quality wine. A significant part of this honour belongs to the Swartland, which is home to some 15% of these vineyards. It is in this region just […]

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