Dragonridge Organic Wine

Fynbos Estate lies in the heart of the beautiful Paardeberg Mountain. It is a working wine and olive farm and a boutique natural winery and both the wine and the olive and lemon products we make, go under the name Dragonridge, which is one of the long granite ridges on our farm.

Olive Products

As well as our natural wines, the farm has approximately 900 olive trees from which we make various olive products. Like the name Dragonridge, our olive oil is particularly potent and quite peppery – made in the European tradition for taste and longevity.

Our 2 hectares of olive trees are organically farmed and include a range of cultivars: Lecchine, Mission, Coratino, Frantoia, Kalamata and Nocellara del belice. The first four we use for oil, and the last two for eating olives.

The nature of organic farming and harsh water conditions mean our crop of olives various from year to year in quantity, although the quality remains consistently good. In a fairly good year we produce about 120 litres of oil as well as some kilos of eating olives. Our plan is to turn more of our olives into Johan’s very delicious tapenade.

Currently our olive oil is available for tasting and for sale from the farm and delivered free of charge in the Cape area alongside deliveries of wine.

Lemon Products

From our organically farmed lemon trees, we produce a limited amount of Limoncello which takes some 3 months to make and is delicious as both an aperitif and, with a mixer, a long cooling summer drink. It is available from November onwards – usually for short time- as it is has many fans and tends to get sold out fairly quickly. We make about 50 x 500 ml bottles. We also make Johan’s Lemon cordial and salted lemons, both of which get served to guests visiting the farm.

As with the wines and the olive products the Limoncello is available from the farm and delivered free of charge in the Cape area alongside deliveries of wine.

Fynbos Estate

Situated in the heart of the tranquil Paardeberg, Fynbos Estate offers comfortable country accommodation, wine and olive tastings by appointment, delicious hearty country food for groups, and a venue for workshops, retreats, parties and weddings.

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Contact Details

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Wine Tastings and Sales
We are open throughout the week and weekend but by appointment only

NB: Bookings for cellar tours and visits to facilities that are open by appointment only should be made 48 hours in advance.